Dance is a lot like a healthy relationship. There is some give and take, a bit of a balancing act, and a whole lot of trust. Perhaps that’s why the first dance at a wedding is so important. It symbolizes the dynamics of the marriage to come.

Not interested in choreography? Try our simple base program with leading and following to 6 steps to your favorite music. Let the bride shine without all the stress on the groom! 2 LEFT feet? Not an issue…. we keep it simple and nice.

Maybe you would like choreography to your music? We will make a planned routine that will be sent to you on a private YouTube link so you can see exactly what you need to do. Like everything else on your wedding day, this moment only happens once, so make it the best it can be by practicing with us. Our staff of experienced dance teachers would welcome the opportunity to make that first dance as wonderful as the new life you are about to begin!

Strait up reasonable pricing
$60 for one hour
$249 for 5 lessons

*$20 first lesson can not be used for special events or wedding programs.

arnott wedding dance pic